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Pawsome Training and Beha​viour

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Training Walks and Socialisation Sessions *NEW FOR 2021*

 Current areas that are served are:  BS22-BS29, TA5-TA9, BS1-BS7, BS9-BS10, BS13, BS15-BS16, BS30, BS32, BS34-BS37, PARTS of BS40 (Blagdon, Rickford, Ubley and Compton Martin areas).

Socialisation Classes/Group Walks are limited to 5 individuals. 

Training Walks

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For owners who struggle with loose-lead walking and managing their dogs out and about. These are sessions designed to help you manage just that, from when to calm your dog during reactions, to building focus and disengagement. This can be booked separately or alongside a package. Please note owners MUST attend with the walks and all dogs must have an assessment beforehand. A secure field can be booked but is an extra £10 charge. Any age dog can be used for these training walks however puppies must have their second vaccination before starting. Dogs who are reactive MIGHT benefit from these but only if walks are NOT too stressful for them, ideally this is booked alongside a reactivity training package, alternative options include the 1:1 Socialisation session. 

Puppy Parties 

Puppy Parties are for puppies ONLY under 5 months to have an interaction and play with other puppies but also to explore and discover new environments and building confidence steps. These are small sessions of 4-5 individuals where puppies are allowed to interact but also to have some gentle on lead times as well. These take place in a secure field so then all puppies are safe, This is not suitable for nervous or puppies that are easily overwhelmed as puppies will be allowed to explore off lead. Also knowledge of correct and appropriate body language and when to assess when puppies are becoming overwhelmed will be utilised. 

Puppy parties are available in a variety of areas but all are located in a secure field. 

Puppy Party 1:

Kate's Secure Dog Walking Field

Church Lane


BS26 2QP

Pack Walk 2: Weston/Worle

Pack Walks

Pack walks are group walks currently limited to 5 people. Reactive and Puppies are welcome and this is £10 per dog and is useful for a socialisation boost. This is just a fun event that takes part each week in a variety of areas each week.

There are 3 main areas that the pack walks cover:   

Pack Walk 1: Sedgemoor:

- Cheddar/Sharpham Playing Fields

- Ralph Woods

-Burnham Beach

-Apex Park

Pack Walk 2: Weston/Worle

-Weston Beach

-Weston Woods

- Ashcombe Park

- Hutton Moor Leisure Centre (On-Lead Only)

Pack Walk 3: South Bristol

- Manor Woods

- Victoria Park

- Leigh Woods

- Clifton Down

Pack Walk 4: North Bristol

- Stoke Park Estate

- Snuff Mills

- Blaise Castle Estate

- Badocks Wood

Controlled Exposure 


Private socialisation is for 1 dog to be socialised/walked alongside a stooge dog to slowly and gradually build more positive associations with other dogs. This is suitable for reactive/nervous dogs as this is a 1:1 session with a dog who is able to calmly walk alongside other dogs after initial exposure.  Dogs must be muzzled initially for health and safety. This is also in a secure field in Badgworth.  This is a distance based session as well so working from a distance before becoming too close.