Pawsome Training and Beha‚Äčviour

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Lifeskill Course


Brief Summary

Concepts and Set Games

Week 1

- Calmness as a default behaviour and calmness introductions

- How to train calmness in everyday life

- Why calmness is an important foundation in everyday life

- Flexibility in our dogs - how we prepare our dog for unpredictability of life.


Calmness and Flexibility 


Calmness Triad

Reward Nothing, Aeroplane Feeding, Scatter Feeding  

Week 2

Recap of previous week - ensure calmness is understood 

- Boundary Games - how we build calmness into real-life scenarios 

- Training a leave without commands! 


Impulse control and Calmness


Mouse Game, Boundary Games

Week 3

-Building focus and loose-lead walking

- Building your dogs value in being close to you! 

- Build a start to recall and excitement of you over distractions


Magic Hand 

Proximity Zone 


Funder, Tornado and Typhoon

Week 4

-Building a powerful recall and making you the centre of your dogs focus

- Making your dog love to come back to you!

- Building disengagement skill

Week 5

 -Working through excitement and arousal

-How to build impulse control and frustration tolerance

- How to train your dog to control themselves around exciting events 

Week 6

 - Introduction to confidence, optimism and preparing for novelty 

- Building a confident and optimistic dog