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Pawsome Training and Beha​viour

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Lyndsey is amazing at what she does, I went along to one of classes with my 4 year old chihuahua daisy. Daisy is a nervous dog who will constantly bark at other dogs which can come across aggressive. With lyndseys help she’s become some what more confident with both other people and dogs....although she still barks at dogs it’s taking less time to stop her. I try using her distract technique which if used at the right time can work.

I highly recommend lyndsey and wouldn’t have any one else work with my dogs. I have recommended her a few times now.

I highly recommend Pawsome Training and behaviour!! Decent prices and such an excellent dog trainer. My dogs love coming to the training classes

Lyndsey comes and walks our 2 dogs for us and the dogs love her. She is reliable and friendly.

Lyndsey is such a great trainer with such a passion for the job. She is great with dogs and really creative with positive training tools and techniques. Highly recommend

Lyndsey is an excellent dog trainer. She is very friendly and understanding of your dogs needs. Luna has learnt so much since we started classes and she loved going to them too. Really great, would highly recommend

Lyndsey came for an introductory visit on 29 Feb. and we had a long and interesting discussion. I was very favourably impressed by her and the methods she described. My dog thought she was great.

Since then, social distancing/isolation has prevented her following up as planned, but she has contacted all her clients and is hoping to give us some training through videos, etc. I shall certainly subscribe, if she is able to do this. Otherwise, I shall contact her again when/if normality returns.

Lyndsey has been our dog walker for about 4months now, and our dog absolutely loves her. He's a boistrous adolescent and Lyndsey has been great helping us, and making suggestions of how to bring some calmness to him. We've got some further work to do with him and Lyndsey is right there helping us. We would highly recommend Lyndsey for her dog walks and flexibility she offers, as well as her training, knowledge and no problem is too big outlook. Looking forward to our ongoing working relationship with her.

Lyndsey is an amazing dog trainer and such a lovely person! My Rottweiler Bear absolutely adores her, she shows huge passion in what she does and truly cares for the dogs she works with. Bear is a nervous/reactive dog & considering his breed, you can imagine he is a very big and strong dog which becomes a huge issue when he’s pulling/lunging towards every scent, every dog, cat, motorbike, cyclist, car, bus & anything else that catches him off guard. There used to be a few times he would pull so bad I wouldn’t be able to move my arm very much for a few days after. This made it a dangerous & unhappy walk for both me and the dog. By this point I’d already tried countless training methods to get Bear out of this and none worked until Lyndsey came along! Lyndsey was able to tell me exactly why Bear reacts the way he does and how important it is to know that before any training commences. She really spent the time to get to know Bear & was so patient with him. she provided so so much useful information and training tips. 

Bear is a very energetic dog so when I heard she makes training fun through games I thought “that’s perfect for Bear!” Having Lyndsey Work with us has really helped me to change our walks for the better making them more structured, fun & safe for me and Bear than they have ever been! When I walk him I used to have people shout “ah he’s gonna eat me” now I have people stop and stare and shout “he’s so well trained he’s amazing” “how did you get him to behave so well?!” 

She worked with me on making myself pretty much the centre of Bears world by becoming something he really wants to engage with even more than another dog!! There was a point where me and my family questioned if It was even possible to train Bear to not react and lunge at everything so to achieve these results with him now, (After a few months he’s disengaging with things that used to drive him crazy and not lunging at cars and motorbikes no where near as much & improving more and more everyday!) it’s truly blown our minds!! I couldn’t ask for anything more off a dog trainer she’s is absolutely amazing & my experience with her shows she can train even the most impossible situations! If you want to achieve these same results with your pooch, I highly HIGHLY recommend Lyndsey!! 10/10 🤗🐻🐾