Pawsome Training and Beha​viour

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Terms and Conditions

All Services

  • All services provided are as stated on the website/Facebook page
  • Services will not commence until a meet and greet is completed and all the suitable forms completed
  • 1:1 consults, behaviour consults and training classes are normally on a weekly basis in which an invoice will be sent within 3 days
  • Mileage is charged at a set £10 unless it is out the catchment area in which extra charges will occur.

Dog walks

  • Group walks are within 5miles ONLY and all others can be within a 20mile radius.
  • Dog walks can be weekly or several times a week, if several times a week an invoice will be sent the evening of the last day of the service for that week.

1:1 Training 

  • 1:1 training must have completed a behaviour form (for reactivity or behavioural training), health form and signed a copy of the terms and conditions before commencing. 
  • 1:1 training is suggested for a minimum of 6 weeks and will continue depending on circumstances. 
  • All sessions are an hour long and are in the owners home, however sometimes the issue will be on walks therefore some training will occur on walks. 
  • It is expected that students do the homework i suggested to avoid delays


  • If you inform me you will be attending but do not attend or inform me on the same day, then payment for that class will still be expected as inconvenience. Anytime before the day of the appointment is fine.
  • Drops in are highly unadvised, if there is no-one booked for a class then i will not wait around. If you know for certain you can make it then please provide me with an email address and phone number for me to book you in or book yourself in. 
  • If the class is full then walk-ins may be turned away, due to health and safety 
  • For training classes all no-shows or late arrivals are expected to contact myself before the class start time.
  • Classes will not hold for those late, this is to ensure the rest of the students get most of the time and their learning is not affected, separate sessions can be utilised for missed class time.
  • All students are expected to behave appropriately with no abuse or violence tolerated.
  • All students are required to clean up any mess and put away any items used before leaving class


  • Payment must be made within 5 working days of receival of invoice
  • 10% off service for armed forces and emergency services with proof of valid and in date identification.
  • All other offers are for highlighted service only
  • Offers can not be redeemed in conjunction with another offer 
  • If cancelling on same day services will NOT be eligible for any refund, unless in emergency circumstances (subject to decision) any other period will be eligible for a full refund for any payment

Data Protection

  • All data is kept confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998)
  • No sharing or copying of information is allowed without appropriate permission unless on public sharing posts.
  • No posting of negative/slandering posts, being a small business owner, this can be detrimental to my livelihood, so I appreciate all concerns to be addressed to myself personally first.
  • No copying or use of logo in accordance with copyright law
Animal Welfare
  • Welfare of the dogs is top priority, if any concerns with an animal’s welfare where the Animal Welfare Act (2006) is breached then appropriate action will be taken
  • It is of utmost importance that student/owner safety is minimised, any risk of dogs to safety of other dogs/people will be spoken to and offered alterative suggestions
  • It is the law to ensure your dog has a tag with NAME and ADDRESS on as well as microchipped in public place, this can be on a harness OR collar but MUST be provided and attached. 

Most important have fun and enjoy the time spent with your pooch learning on concept training, games, personality and optimism!