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Dog Training Services

Services Offered

There are various dog training services available from broad services such as Private training and Training Classes to more specific training such as Training Walks and Socialisation Session.

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Private training to cover a variety of aspects from general obedience to more behavioural work. Worked around a time and day that suits you. 

Training Classes that cover a range of basic obedience training such as building calmness, loose-lead walking, recall and confidence. This is around other dogs and can also help those who need to work better around distractions (not suitable for nervous/fearful dogs) 

NEW *Training Walks and Socialisation Sessions*

Training Walks  are guidance on how to manage your dog out and about whether that is loose-lead walking or reactivity based struggles. 

Socialisation Sessions are private training sessions devoted to socialisation alongside my own dog. Suitable for dogs that struggle with other dogs.