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Pawsome Training and Beha​viour

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1:1 Private Training

Following government update on coronavirus as of 22/02/2021 the following dates are guides as to when different services and guidelines are amended. This is subject to change on the provided dates. Current areas that are served are:BS22-BS29, TA5-TA9, BS1-BS7, BS9-BS10, BS13, BS15-BS16, BS30, BS32, BS34-BS37, PARTS of BS40 (Blagdon, Rickford, Ubley and Compton Martin areas).

12th April: Indoor 1-2-1s are allowed if outside is not applicable with extra precautions such as face coverings

21st June: Indoor 1-2-1s are allowed without specific precautions​

All private training sessions are required to take part in a behavioural questionnaire beforehand to ensure that there is full knowledge of the struggle being presented. Behavioural and Reactivity training sessions MUST have a vet check beforehand to rule out any medical issues. Please see required forms HERE

These training sessions are weekly meetings that run through different exercises and training protocols each week. This is more suitable for clients who would prefer the extra help on a weekly basis, but vary in terms of pricing, dependant on the struggle being presented. 

Training is also available in packages 

Puppy Training

Puppy 1:1 training is for those puppies who might not suit a class environment or for those who are not close to where the puppy classes are being held. Puppy 1:1 covers basic puppy behaviours as well as forms calmness and optimism at a young age to prevent further problems in the future. These are suitable for puppies under 5 months old.

I can offer training on a variety of aspects such as: 

  • Inappropriate toileting and house training
  • Mouthing and Chewing
  • Jumping up and inappropriate greeting behaviours
  • Food Manners 
  • Boundaries, calmness and settling 
  • And many more......

£30 per hour session 

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This service of 1:1 training is for improving obedience, managing minor problems or just as a way to mentally stimulate your dog. These is suitable for any age dog and suitable for those who might not be as suited to training classes or do not live close to the venue. It is recommended that a FULL vet check is carried out beforehand to rule out medical issues. They are suitable for puppies/dogs aged 5 months and over

These session cover the following as examples: 

  • Pulling on lead
  • Inappropriate barking
  • Counter surfing 
  • Poor recall or engagement
  • Inability to settle 
  • General over-excitement
  • Lack of focus
  • Building calmness 

£40 per hour session

£200 for 6 sessions

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Reactivity Training covers specific training in regards to dogs who: 

  • Struggle with Chase (cars, bikes, motorcycles) 
  • Struggle with barking and lunging at other dogs/people
  • Struggling with over-excitement or over-arousal 
  • Struggling with focus and settling themselves down as well as being able to manage their own arousal/excitement levels.  
In these 1:1 training sessions we will cover ways to improve your dogs focus, increase their confidence and optimism and ways to be able to think and act in arousal situations so there is less of a reaction! 

For a limited time join the Naughty But Nice Bootcamps (Created by absolute dogs) to assist with extra learning, extra games and extra transformations during lockdown! 9 week course available HERE

Behavioural Training covers more complex behaviours. You MUST to have a FULL vet check occurred beforehand and the behaviours that are covered in these sort of sessions are:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Generalised or Specific Noise Phobias (Gunshots/Fireworks/Cars
  • Generalised Fear/Anxiety
  • Fear of specifically people or other animals (including other dogs)
  • Mounting or sexual based behaviours
  • Fearful behaviours in novel situation
  • Fear of specific items (e.g car travel)
  • Mild aggression cases
  • Resource Guarding
  • Cognitive Dysfunction/ Cognitive Decline (for older dogs)

A behaviour consultation package is available to book which consists of an initial assessment, 6 x 1:1 sessions and follow ups of 1, 3 and 6 months after the final session. 


£50 per session 

£400 package (Subscription package also available - £25/£50 per week) 

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