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Pawsome Training and Beha​viour

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Following government update on coronavirus as of 22/02/2021 the following dates are guides as to when different services and guidelines are amended. This is subject to change on the provided dates. Current areas that are served are: gardens BS22-BS29, TA5-TA9, BS1-BS7, BS9-BS10, BS13, BS15-BS16, BS30, BS32, BS34-BS37, PARTS of BS40 (Blagdon, Rickford, Ubley and Compton Martin areas).


  • 17th May: Indoor 1-2-1s are allowed if outside is not applicable with extra precautions such as face coverings
  • 21st June: Indoor 1-2-1s are allowed without specific precautions


  • 17th May: Classes are allowed indoors subject to hall hire requirements (May be earlier!)
  • 21st June: Classes allowed indoors without restrictions (still maximum of 6-7 individuals)


  • 21st June: Workshops are allowed with maximum of 30 individuals

I cover a large area in the regions of South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset and some of Sedgemoor/Somerset but i also offer Remote Training for those out my area. Please ensure you are either within my area or if not, are happy to receive full remote training online, which although is still highly beneficial and applicable, does not suit everyone.



We Guarantee

We guarantee to help your dog with any behaviour or training problem using ethical and averse-free methods. No dog is a bad dog and no struggle is not worth pursuing. 

Turning Struggles into Strengths and working through struggles through concept training and games. 

Training has never been so much FUN. 

Customer Satisfaction

Fully Qualified, Insured, Experienced and First Aid Trained

100% Effective and Fun trainer